Rutgers Newark – Connecting Digital, Public & Humanities

Last week, I started a new position at Rutgers, Newark as Assistant Professor of Professional Practice and Associate Director of Digital and Public Humanities Initiatives in American Studies and History. In so many ways, this job draws together the threads of my career over the last decade.

Beginning in the Fall, I’ll be teaching graduate courses in American Studies on topics like the digital humanities and public humanities, helping to train graduate students in ways that will hopefully broaden their skills beyond the traditional professoriate model. Between now and then, I am working with a variety of exciting public history/humanities projects on campus, like the Newest Americans and the Queer Newark Oral History Project, bringing my experience in nonprofit and project management to help them grow sustainably. Finally, I’m excited to develop more connections between the university and the community organizations in Newark and surrounding towns. Even though I┬ájust moved here, I’m already impressed by the vibrancy of the city and want to create bridges the will spur collaboration (and will help those grad students I mentioned up above).


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